BCI-Engineered Lumber

BCI Specifier Guide (PDF)

Glu Lam Spec Guide (PDF)

LVL Stair Stringer Guide (PDF)



Engineered Wood Products

Boise Engineered Wood Products manufactures and markets engineered wood products, which are building products with improved structural characteristics and use our forests more efficiently.

Today Boise EWP owns and operates the two largest laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joist manu- facturing plants in the world in Alexandria, Louisiana and White City, Oregon. Sixty experienced Boise distributors are located across the U.S. and Canada to meet the needs of dealers and builders with regional product mixes, on-time delivery and after-sale service.

Great products are only the beginning.™
Boise believes there’s more to being a great trading partner than just supplying products. That’s why we built the two largest engineered wood plants in the world. Then recently, we virtually doubled plant capacity to be a responsible and dependable trading partner for you. And that’s why we’ve also been developing innovative value-added services to improve the homebuilding process and our supply-chain partnerships.

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